GunMag™ - 25lb Rated Anti-Scratch Gun Magnet

Need to keep your piece in place?  Holsters are great for when you're out and about, but their biggest drawback is draw time.  In some situations, you need instant and unobstructed access to your gun.. This is where the GunMag™ comes in.

Contained inside this small device are Neodymium Magnets, also known as rare earth magnets, which are some of the strongest in the world. They pack a punch and are rated at holding up to 25 lbs. It includes multiple magnets for better contact and strength. This easily holds fully loaded Glocks, XDMs, .45s and almost anything else you can throw at it.  

The strongest and most durable on the market!  Strong enough that guns can be mounted perpendicular or parallel. With the GunMag™ your gun will never slip, fall or become dislodged (this can happen with some other models on the market).

Measuring in at just 2.48 in x 1.06 in x 0.67 in, the GunMag™ can be fitted almost anywhere, great for the home, office, car, garage, inside safe etc.

Package Contents:
1 x GunMag™ Magnet
1 x Silicone Cap
2 x Screws
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