Polarized Anti-Dust Military Sunglasses 4 Lens Kit

These Highly Rated Polarized Anti-Dust Military Sunglasses are made from high quality Polycarbonate frame material which can also be worn with comfortable protective cushion (removable) and come with a black frame and 4 lens colors. Neutral Grey, Brown, Transparent, and Cadmium Yellow. Each order includes a hard case for safe storage, an optional detachable strap & lens cloth. Get Yours Today While On 50% Sale!

Lens Attributes: 1 Polarized, 1 Anti-Glare, 1 UVA/UVB, 1 Night Vision
Lens Colors: Grey, Yellow, Transparent, Copper
Lens Height: 4 cm
Lens Width: 7 cm
Lenses Material: Polycarbonate
Lenses Optical Attribute: Polarized
Frame Material: Plastic
Version: Polarized or Non-Polarized Version
Lens Attributes: 1 Polarized (optional), 1 Anti-Glare, 1 UVA/UVB, 1 Night Vision
Lens Colors: Grey, Yellow, Transparent, Cadmium Yellow
Package: Fabric Bag, Strap, Original Hard Case

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